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Kanga Care


Kanga Care is a partnership between Weatherford ISD and Parker County Hospital District Outreach Program, to provide medical care onsite at each campus. Through the use of telemedicine and the Medpod Medical Cart, the healthcare needs of staff and students can be met in a convenient setting with each campus nurse. Kanga Care's purpose is to increase the educational success of students and staff by assuring access to healthcare. Early treatment can decrease the need for expensive medical care and unnecessary Emergency Room visits.

How to enroll in Kanga Care?

Fill out the Kanga Care Consent and either email it back to: kangacare@pchdtx.org or turn it in at any WISD school campus in the Kanga Care lock box.
Employees who have an assigned campus that they work at will be seen when needed at that campus.
Those who are not at a specific campus will be seen at the Ninth Grade Center when needed.

WISD Staff

$30 visit fee will be collected at time of service.
Paid by credit card/ FSA card only.
Commercial insurance will be billed for services provided when possible. Each insurance plan is unique, so individual coverage can be discussed prior to service with a PCHD employee.
For insurance questions call 817-599-1230.


Students with private health insurance or are covered under Medicaid will have provided PCHD with that information during enrollment.
Co-payment will vary and be discussed prior to the visit.
If a student does not have health insurance,
we will provide them with options.

If you have any questions please feel free to call Kathleen Durham with PCHD at 817-599-1230.

Who are the Staff?

Kanga Care Physician
District Health Services Nurse Coordinator
Kanga Care Consent can be found online

The Kanga Care consent forms must be completely filled out and emailed to kangacare@pchdtx.org to be enrolled in the program.

Kanga Care Consent- English

Kanga Care Consent-Spanish

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